Rapala Fall Prospector

November 4, 2023 12:00 am – December 2, 2023 11:59 pm

  • $35 entry fee to fish the entire tournament
  • Cash prizes for the top 3 fish each week (starting opening November 4th at 12 am and running to the next Friday at 11:59pm)
  • Cash prizes for the top 3 overall fish

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Cash prizes will be awarded for all Walleye categories. 

The cash amounts will be determined by the number of entries and a sample of projected payouts based on the number of entries is available on our website at  

All fish entered in the tournament will be photographed, measured, and recorded with the FishDonkey app. How to Enter a Fish

How to properly Measure a Fish video

Leaderboards will be updated throughout the contest so follow along on your phone or on our website. 

The award categories are:

  1. Weekly top 5 largest Walleye - measured by length 

  2. Overall top 5 largest Walleye - measured by length

  3. Overall largest Fresh Water Drum (Sheepshead) - measured by length

Awards are presented on the basis of length as determined through the mobile app and verified by tournament judges.  The categories and official rules can be found on our website and in the FishDonkey app.

See the official rules & regulations for more information.

Have fun and FISH ON!